Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Have you seen the "Purple People Eater?"

Did I not tell you we get to do fun projects for Leighton Broadcasting?

Vikings vehicle number 9 (yes! nine) has just been completed!

Every year since the begining, Jeff brings us a random bright purple vehicle! We don't know what it is until it gets here. He gives us the keys, sponser names, and says have fun~! We love doing this car every year. This year's jeep is no exception, with lines of cheering fans lining the sides and a big ole' Viking Head beckoning you to show us your horns, you get the idea of how your vehicle can get you noticed no matter what your message!

Visual marketing is more than just signage on you store front, call or stop in and let us show you how you can get noticed all day, everyday, and everywhere you go!

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