Thursday, September 29, 2011

The "Foam" is everywhere!

Foam Solutions owners, Bent and Liz Lowen, know how to let their vehicles work double time! Not only do their vehicles get them to the job site and hold the tools, they work overtime as mobile billboards! On the job site, driving to and from the job, picking up supplies, or just going to lunch,Foam Solution's vehicles are capturing customer attention! We love working with Brent and Liz, they too know the right visual tools get you noticed and help your customers find you!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Colder than a what?

Tuesday morning, we all woke up to the blowing wind and cold tempretures, did that stop Dave and Casey from a job to do?

Heck No! Off to Whapeton to hang off the side of a building and install 42" tall lighted letters for Maurices. For those of you who are curious how we can get individual letters on the building straight, we start with hanging a pattern where the letters are going. Of course this is easier said then done with 35 mile an hour winds but, the boys did it! Straight too!

Then begins the process of drilling holes for the wiring and mounting of each letter. Finally after all of the prep work is done, the letters are screwed and mounted to the wall.
One at a time..........


URICES......then we have to fall back and take a look to make sure all looks right........

Then start all over again attaching the faces to each letter!

Pull all of the wiring through the holes and hook 'em up,

TADAAAAA......another sign job complete!

It sound so easy on paper, doesn't it?

Lighted signs are an excellent choice in ID signage. Brushmarks Signs has many options and ideas in lighted signage, call us today, we'll light up your business!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Time to Start Thinking About Tradeshows!

Crary Industries
We have many things to help your business stand out at any tradeshow, or booth type setting! Crary Industries was an awesome project we did this summer! Here the Hex Hub tent, flags, sandwich boards, and yield signs were all personalized to Crary to make them stand out in the crowd! A lot of thier tradeshows are outdoors as their business caters to machinery and farming equipment, we had to make them stand out against an outdoor backdrop. Angie from Crary told us people were taking pictures of their display because they were so impressed! What a great asset our products can be for you!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to your personal view of Brushmarks

We call this our blog spot but I would really like to call it our "BRAG" spot. We do so many awesome projects here at Brushmarks, we would really like to show you! Not only that, we can show you what we do and, how we are the solution for all of your visual marketing needs!

First let's meet the crew!

Mark is top banana here in the shop. He works very hard keeping things going! He has owned and operated Brushmarks since 1988 and has wittnessed big changes in the sign industry. From a paintbrush and a spot in his ma's basement to the computers and 6 ft printers and ever increasing space we are now in, he seems to have done it all!

Dave is our all around man! From the phone to designing to hanging off those billboards of ours, he too wears many hats!

Angie has been here off and on for around 18 years (18 for heavens sakes!) Starting in Dave's position to working in the finances and marketing.(I'm getting too old to be hanging off buildings or throwing around 4x8s!)

Casey is our newest member! He is here to take a few hats from Mark and Dave. You'll have to watch for him in the bucket truck or hanging off the side of a building! I think he's excited?!

While I have your undivided attention, I would like to invite you to check out our new website! Our website has just been featured in one of our industry's most popular magazines, Sign Craft. We were pretty excited and gosh darn proud of being there! We also have a facebook page, please "like" us, Brushmarks Signs, and watch for information, helping with business decisions on all of your visual marketing needs. Feel free to comment and ask questions! AND for all of you Twitter fans, @brushmarkssigns. Again, Welcome to our blog! We are tickled to have you! Watch for amazing photos of all we can do for you!

~Team Brushmarks