Thursday, November 17, 2011

Well, LaDeDa........

When Kara Schumann from LaDeDa came to us for something as unique as her business, we took the ideas and ran! She wanted something different than what everyone else had, I think that was accomplished. We fabricated steel tubes to appear as twisted and weathered copper tubes in an artful design, the sign lifts off the building to create another visual pleasure; just a couple of details to assure this sign was unique. Her sign stands out; not only does her sign say she is in business, it gives her customers the feeling they will find something special and unique in her store. We applaud Kara for her knowledge of what a sign can say about your business. We are also happy she trusted us to help her design her very own, special, unique sign!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Dirty - The Diggin' - The Wind - and - The Cold

Hawley Realty need a lighted sign for their new location. After all of the details were worked out, Dave and Caesy began by "diggin" the hole for the new pole. (looks complicated for just a hole in the ground, eh?) In reality, this hole will be supporting a double faced 8ft x 8ft lighted sign cabinet, on top of a 12 ft pole. Think of the weight and then factor in wind speed, these holes are not really "just a hole!" Depth, width, strength, not to mention the fact we have Gopher One on speed dial,--just a few reasons to let us guide you through the process!

After the cement is ready, the pole and sign can be placed. This morning was cold; a bit of snow, and a bit of wind, makes for a miserable day for Dave and Casey, but troopers that they are, they were out in full force, bucket truck, crane, and pick up at the ready!

Up and on, sounds so easy; of coarse, Dave and Casey make it seem that way, you don't even see the knocking knees on the way up, up, up-up--up---up! Great job guys! The sun even came out in approvale! Come meet Dave and Casey and all of us here at Brushmarks Signs, we'll help you with any of your sign projects, BIG or small!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Have a "Cherry Berry" Day!

Wow! Here is an example of how decals can be created to say exactally what you want your business to say. Each one of these decals has been designed especially for Cherry Berry to make their stores feel and look vibrant, and to give their customers a special experience. At Brushmarks, we can help you create that special experience for your customers; on your product really small, or throughout your business, decals can help you sell! Call us and we'll guide you through the process, we are the experts!