Friday, December 30, 2011

The Hockey Arena's Facelift

Begining in the summer, with not an icicle to be found; the Hockey Arena began an awesome facelift!

From the bottom ....... the top!
Scroll through our photos, and see the results of many people and businesses working together to make Detroit Lakes Hockey Arena a great place to not only be, but also to see!
They say it takes a village...we were glad to be part of this project along with so many others from our "village" of the Detroit Lakes Area.

Friday, December 9, 2011

BTD Featuring our own "Big Tough Dawgs"

BTD has a new look and we helped! This is a great picture story of our sign team in action! I don't think it needs much narration except, it was cold, it was big, it was heavy, and it was waaaaaaay up there!

Our team of professional sign people can do almost anything! Great job Mark, Dave, and Casey!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Well, LaDeDa........

When Kara Schumann from LaDeDa came to us for something as unique as her business, we took the ideas and ran! She wanted something different than what everyone else had, I think that was accomplished. We fabricated steel tubes to appear as twisted and weathered copper tubes in an artful design, the sign lifts off the building to create another visual pleasure; just a couple of details to assure this sign was unique. Her sign stands out; not only does her sign say she is in business, it gives her customers the feeling they will find something special and unique in her store. We applaud Kara for her knowledge of what a sign can say about your business. We are also happy she trusted us to help her design her very own, special, unique sign!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Dirty - The Diggin' - The Wind - and - The Cold

Hawley Realty need a lighted sign for their new location. After all of the details were worked out, Dave and Caesy began by "diggin" the hole for the new pole. (looks complicated for just a hole in the ground, eh?) In reality, this hole will be supporting a double faced 8ft x 8ft lighted sign cabinet, on top of a 12 ft pole. Think of the weight and then factor in wind speed, these holes are not really "just a hole!" Depth, width, strength, not to mention the fact we have Gopher One on speed dial,--just a few reasons to let us guide you through the process!

After the cement is ready, the pole and sign can be placed. This morning was cold; a bit of snow, and a bit of wind, makes for a miserable day for Dave and Casey, but troopers that they are, they were out in full force, bucket truck, crane, and pick up at the ready!

Up and on, sounds so easy; of coarse, Dave and Casey make it seem that way, you don't even see the knocking knees on the way up, up, up-up--up---up! Great job guys! The sun even came out in approvale! Come meet Dave and Casey and all of us here at Brushmarks Signs, we'll help you with any of your sign projects, BIG or small!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Have a "Cherry Berry" Day!

Wow! Here is an example of how decals can be created to say exactally what you want your business to say. Each one of these decals has been designed especially for Cherry Berry to make their stores feel and look vibrant, and to give their customers a special experience. At Brushmarks, we can help you create that special experience for your customers; on your product really small, or throughout your business, decals can help you sell! Call us and we'll guide you through the process, we are the experts!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Have you seen the "Purple People Eater?"

Did I not tell you we get to do fun projects for Leighton Broadcasting?

Vikings vehicle number 9 (yes! nine) has just been completed!

Every year since the begining, Jeff brings us a random bright purple vehicle! We don't know what it is until it gets here. He gives us the keys, sponser names, and says have fun~! We love doing this car every year. This year's jeep is no exception, with lines of cheering fans lining the sides and a big ole' Viking Head beckoning you to show us your horns, you get the idea of how your vehicle can get you noticed no matter what your message!

Visual marketing is more than just signage on you store front, call or stop in and let us show you how you can get noticed all day, everyday, and everywhere you go!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mix Your Marketing!

Jeff from Leighton Broadcasting is always a pleasure to work with!

We get to do all kinds of fun projects for the radio station. This summer he dropped this huge Boom Box in our shop and said have at it and, "by the way" could you fix the sign at the station with our updated logos. We have our stipulations of "get our logos on there" but other then that, Jeff lets us do what we do best!

Since the boom box will be traveling, and be on very visible locations, we wanted it to be loud, pleasing to the eye, and FUN! We wrapped this baby in fun graphics designed to grab your eyes while standing in place or on the move. We, of coarse, got all of the stations on there, KDLM, KRCQ, and The Wave!

The original station site sign while functional and bright, was a lil "old school" we wanted to update the look and to catch your eye and say RADIO before you even read it! I think we accomplished that PLUS we got all of the new logos on the sign, with lots of color. Driving down Richwood Road, there is no doubt about where the radio station is!

We love to work with Jeff, he too knows the importance of the marketing mix, whether you hear it or see it, make your business stand out among the crowd!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some Like Them Big!

When Midwest Bank grew from their very humble beginnings to their present location, their sign needs grew with them. They wanted something grand and architecturally, to match their new facilities. We used the roof line as a tie in to the building and made it of the scale "grand". As you drive by on Highway 10, the sign clearly casts the image of strength and integrity their business stands for. We also fabricated and installed the directional signage throughout the location for ease of passage through the parking lot and drive-ups. We were very happy to partner with Midwest Bank in custom building the signage for the banks new home.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The "Foam" is everywhere!

Foam Solutions owners, Bent and Liz Lowen, know how to let their vehicles work double time! Not only do their vehicles get them to the job site and hold the tools, they work overtime as mobile billboards! On the job site, driving to and from the job, picking up supplies, or just going to lunch,Foam Solution's vehicles are capturing customer attention! We love working with Brent and Liz, they too know the right visual tools get you noticed and help your customers find you!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Colder than a what?

Tuesday morning, we all woke up to the blowing wind and cold tempretures, did that stop Dave and Casey from a job to do?

Heck No! Off to Whapeton to hang off the side of a building and install 42" tall lighted letters for Maurices. For those of you who are curious how we can get individual letters on the building straight, we start with hanging a pattern where the letters are going. Of course this is easier said then done with 35 mile an hour winds but, the boys did it! Straight too!

Then begins the process of drilling holes for the wiring and mounting of each letter. Finally after all of the prep work is done, the letters are screwed and mounted to the wall.
One at a time..........


URICES......then we have to fall back and take a look to make sure all looks right........

Then start all over again attaching the faces to each letter!

Pull all of the wiring through the holes and hook 'em up,

TADAAAAA......another sign job complete!

It sound so easy on paper, doesn't it?

Lighted signs are an excellent choice in ID signage. Brushmarks Signs has many options and ideas in lighted signage, call us today, we'll light up your business!